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The Best Housewarming Gifts For A Clean Home

New homeowners may love their new homes, but if they’re like most Americans, they don’t love basic household cleaning tasks. Surveys reveal that vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and sweeping are always on the list of the most hated household chores. However, the latest cleaning tools make it easier than ever to maintain a clean home – and some even provide hands-free cleaning. So if you’re searching for one of the best housewarming gifts, consider these helpful items.

Dyson Omni-Glide Vacuum Cleaner

For smaller homes with hard floors, the cordless Dyson Omni-Glide Vacuum Cleaner is slim and lightweight (less than 5 pounds). It also has an articulating neck and 360-degree casts, so the vacuum can lay flat when cleaning under furniture, swerve around the legs of chairs and tables, and even clean sideways. It can also convert to a handheld vacuum, and using the combi-crevice tool, it’s easy to dust high areas like HVAC vents and ceiling fans, as well as in-between sofa cushions. When not in use, it sits in the wall-mounted charging dock, which saves valuable floor space.

Roborock Q Revo Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums can make cleaning infinitely easier, but the Roborock Q Revo Vacuum Cleaner takes the ease factor to another level. It’s self-washing, self-drying, self-emptying, and self-refilling, so there’s really nothing to do. The Roborock Q Revo uses an all-rubber brush that avoids tangles on both carpet and hard floors, and it has dual spinning mops to clean hard floors. The auto-mop lifting feature lifts when on carpets to avoid getting them wet. The robot vacuum is also smart enough to avoid obstacles on the floor, and can be controlled via the Roborock App, Amazon Alexa, and Siri.

Shark Scrub + Steam Blaster

For cleaning, gently scrubbing, and sanitizing hard floors, the Shark Steam & Scrub Steam Sanitizing Mop makes it quick and easy. It has three cleaning settings: Light Mode for quick cleanups, Normal Mode for everyday use, and Deep Mode for tough stains. The sanitizing mode removes 99.9% of bacteria, and the rotating microfiber pads scrub 150 times a minute. The pads are also washable, so they can be reused over and over. The mop’s swivel steering mechanism can easily maneuver around furniture and the LED headlights make it easy to see hidden debris. The mop can be used on all sealed floors, from hardwood to marble/tile/stone, to laminate and vinyl.

Dreametech R20 Cordless Stick Vacuum

For cleaning both carpets and hard floors, the Dreametech R20 Cordless Stick Vacuum has a soft roller brush and a multi-surface brush, along with LED lights on the front. The intelligent dirt detection system determines if the surface has light, medium, or thick dust, and adjusts the suction level accordingly. The Dreametech R20 has a 90 minute runtime before the battery needs to be recharged. In addition, the smart LED screen lets you view the selected cleaning mode. The vacuum can convert to a handheld model to use with the wide combination tool, motorized mini brush, and flexible combination tool. It also includes a wall-hanging charging and storage mount.

Bissell Revolution HydroSteam Pet Carpet Cleaner

Banish dirt from carpets with the Bissell Revolution HydroSteam Pet Carpet Cleaner, which also removes stains and allergens with the two DirtLifter power brushes, which have 12 rows of bristles. It has three cleaning modes, including Quick Dry mode, and the SteamWash Max Clean mode. There’s also a Steam Pretreat Mode that uses HydroSteam technology. When using Quick Dry, carpets dry in approximately 30 minutes. Whether the household has pets or not, the two attachments (the 6-inch tough stain tool, and 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool), can be used to remove stains from sofas and other types of furniture.

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

For an elegant vacuum cleaner that looks too good to hide in the closet, the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Vacuum Cleaner fits the bill. It has a dual brush that can be used on both carpets and hard floors, and the telescopic wand (which adjusts from 23 inches to 31 inches) makes it easy for each user to find the most comfortable height. The AI cleaning mode senses the floor type and adjusts suction accordingly. The vacuum has a 100-minute runtime, and can also be converted to a handheld vacuum and used with the anti-tangle pet tool, combination tool, and long reach crevice tool. When not in use, the satin black vacuum cleaner can be inserted into the all-in-one clean station, which will automatically empty the debris and charge the vacuum cleaner.

Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni Robot Vacuum

Another hands-free robot vacuum option, the Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni Robot Vacuum has a cleaning station that includes auto hot air drying, which helps to remove bacteria. It also washes the mop with hot water, has auto water refill, and holds up to 90 days of dust. Using a built-in laser navigation system, it can avoid both still and moving obstacles. The robot vacuum’s camera can even be used like an indoor security camera to remotely view what’s happening in the home and has a talk feature for communication. The robot’s mopping system spins at 180 rotations a miniute to effectively clean hard floors, and the rubber brush cleans hard floors and carpets.